Selling in a COVID-19 World – 4 Immediate Steps to Take


Selling in a COVID-19 World - 4 Immediate Steps to Take

by Brooke Simmons

A month ago we were cranking outcalls, traveling to meet clients, and shaking hands with colleagues. Now, we are facing a dramatic change that we have never experienced before. I used to travel around the country to meet with Outreach’s largest customers to partner on strategic engagements with their teams. Now I am hiding from my toddler who is supposed to be watching Frozen 2 again (thanks, Disney+!). Maybe you’re reading this on your phone in a closet where you’ve hidden to get away from your spouse’s really loud conference call. Joking aside, this is a new frontier for many of us, and the old rules no longer apply.

Over the past week, our team at Outreach has seen a dramatic increase in customers asking for guidance on how to adapt their existing strategy to accommodate a global pandemic and a struggling economy. Below are the four…

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