7 Warm Calling Tips Guaranteed to Get Your Prospects Talking


7 Warm Calling Tips Guaranteed to Get Your Prospects Talking

When it comes to relationships, most are like coffee – the warmer, the better!

That’s definitely the case when you want to connect with a decision-maker by phone.

For decades, cold calling was seen as one of the most powerful tools in any sales pro’s kit. However, even in its heyday, cold calling had a dark side.

It took up a tremendous amount of time and energy for the seller and prospective buyers alike. And, the average salesperson dreaded making those calls, and the average buyer dreaded receiving them. It’s a lose-lose situation.

A tiny handful of sales experts may have built successful businesses on the back of cold calling, but for each one who did, there were hundreds or thousands who simply wasted their time.

Today, cold calling is being supplanted by a much more valuable alternative: Warm calling.

What Is Warm Calling?



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