What Can Business Leaders Do to Reassure Employees During a Crisis? 


manager reassures employee

by Rachel Lake

Since March, unemployment has spiked and workers around the country are afraid of losing their jobs. As we enter a global economic downturn, businesses must take additional measures to reassure their workforce and boost morale. The following guide explains how to provide meaningful support to your employees and help them acclimate to the new normal.

8 Tips for Supporting Your Team During a Crisis 

1. Give employees the option to stay home.

Businesses are starting to reopen across the country, but not everyone feels safe about returning to work. If employees can complete their job responsibilities remotely, give them the option to stay home. This approach will help curb the community spread and protect people from unnecessary exposure. 

If some tasks must be completed in person, consider taking steps to minimize contact between employees. This could include:

  • Positioning workstations at least six feet apart.  
  • Asking employees to…

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