6 Time-Saving Uses of Your CRM Every Sales Manager Should Know


6 Time-Saving Uses of Your CRM Every Sales Manager Should Know

Written by Abigael Donahue

Time is tight for sales managers, and many avoid the CRM because of this fact. But in reality, your CRM system can actually help eliminate redundant tasks and bring you closer to your reps and your clients.

By logging sales data and communicating with contacts directly from your CRM, everything you need to run an efficient sales team is at your fingertips. There’s no need for manually updating outdated spreadsheets or sifting through a pile of emails. And by keeping all data in one centralized place, you can save a significant amount of time.

The six tips below will help you uncover areas of your CRM system that will enable you to efficiently organize and present team data on deal revenue, potential prospects, client communication, and more. As a result, you can focus on managing people instead of managing your day.

1) Track Productivity Metrics

Not only…

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