8 Questions CEOs Should Consider to Become Exceptional Sales Leaders


AuthorAlice Heiman

If you want exceptional sales growth in your organization, you need to be a CEO that is an exceptional sales leader. To do that, you’ll want to consider the eight questions I outline below designed to help turn every CEO into an exceptional sales leader.

Why CEOs Need to Be Exceptional Sales Leaders

Working to improve sales is always challenging. Every CEO I work with wants rapid, exponential growth. And while that is absolutely possible, there is a lot of change, and a few resources, that are needed to make it happen.

Exceptional Sales Leaders ceo image

As #CEO of the company, you will always play a vital role in the organization’s #sales process and must be an exceptional sales #leader!

Many of the CEOs I work with want to get sales off their plate. They wish sales would function optimally and without them.

Here’s the bad news… that isn’t going to happen!CEOs…

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