The 13 Habits Of Hyper-Productive People


The 13 Habits Of Hyper-Productive People

Written by Scott Tousley

No one wants to procrastinate. No one wants to feel stressed. No one wants to face distractions every day.

But we do. Myself included.

But what about the most successful people in the world? How do they stay sane? Surely, they must face distractions every day. What are the habits that keep them focused? That’s the exact question we set out to discover:

What are the productivity habits behind the world’s top CEOs, entrepreneurs, and innovators?

Diving deep into the minds of highly-successful people, we wanted to find out:

  • How do they stay focused and overcome productivity killers?
  • How do they maximize the amount of energy they have throughout the day, without overly relying on caffeine?
  • How do they avoid procrastinating difficult, mentally-challenging tasks?

After hours upon hours of research, we uncovered some fascinating trends.

I’ve personally adopted a few of these habits and I’ve found myself working exponentially faster, crushing my goals, and…

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