Conquering your cold calling fears: What is and isn’t working


Conquering your cold calling fear What is and isn’t working

Even though many salespeople dread it, the simple truth is that cold calling is an absolutely necessary part of sales prospecting, and it pays.

Despite its importance, cold calling is the weakest part of many salespeople’s skill set and routine. They put it off as long as they can. They’d rather do paperwork or volunteer to go get coffee than commit the time and effort it takes to cold call.

The simple truth is that cold calling pays. It’s one of the few ways for salespeople to find customers who are unhappy with their current situation and are willing to listen to better offers.

Research shows that 10% to 15% of customers are actively looking for new vendors. And another 20% to 30% are willing to listen to someone who can promise a better product, cheaper product, faster delivery or superior service.

To make cold calling a reliable…

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