3 Strategies to Connect With Your Audience (Hint: Start With Mutual Truths)



by Dennis Shiao

“I thought I’d start off by telling you a little bit about myself,” the presenter begins.

“This is where I grew up. Beautiful, small, lovely.”

She shares details about her personal life and professional career. The introduction for Liz High’s presentation, Social Truth: Revealing What Truly Matters to Your Customers, at Content Marketing World, spans four minutes and 15 photos.

The vice president of customer experience insights and delivery at Metia Group has a point to make. “OK, so what have you learned about me? What do you think you know about me?” she asks the audience.

To answer, attendees relay facts shared by Liz (e.g., she founded a company). In addition, they make judgments. They take what they observed and provide an assessment or opinion (e.g., “You are ambitious.” “You are funny.”).

One person’s answer is different from another’s. And the observations may conflict with what…

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