7 Easy Inside Sales Tips to Catapult Your Closing Ratio


7 Easy Inside Sales Tips to Catapult Your Closing Ratio

Inside Sales Tips: What is a closing ratio? Your closing ratio is the number of sales you’ve made over the number of presentations you gave. To calculate a closing ratio, divide your number of closed deals out of your total sales presentations. If you presented to 10 prospects and eight purchased, your closing ratio is 80%.

Would you like to double your closing ratio? Umm. Yes, please!

So how do you accomplish this feat? Ask fifty different sales professionals, and the chances are you’ll get fifty different answers on how to close a sale.

There are many subjective factors involved in closing the deal, like the prospect’s personality and current situation. Your goal is to convince the decision maker to buy your product or service, and you may have to deal with defending against a competitor’s offer, indecisiveness on the part of the contact, or other internal issues related to…

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