4 Secrets Of Top Sales Performers – It Has Nothing To Do With Sales Techniques


4 Secrets Of Top Sales Performers It Has Nothing To Do With Sales Techniques

For nearly a decade I’ve been immersed in the world of sales, and I have continued to discover new ways of how I can become a top sales performer. That was until I recently stepped back from sales and became a peer in the Octiv marketing team.

Joining the marketing team opened my eyes to what makes great salespeople great. A few things stand out as to why those top sales professionals are consistently making their numbers.

They work as a team to get deals done.

What separates top performers from their less successful colleagues is their ability to leverage the resources and people around them to get a deal to the next step. Too often, sales teams use the language of teamwork without taking the actions of a team.

We spend our energy competing against each other when the true competition is outside of the…

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