10 Leadership Habits Guaranteed To Transform You


Here are 10 leadership habits that are guaranteed to be helpful for new and experienced managers. Not only are they worthy of your attention, they are nuggets of advice worthy of those that you manage and mentor.

1) Never Complain Down

Leaders at every level of an organization will see and experience things that may be frustrating, disappointing, or even scary. The strong leader is the one who keeps these personal concerns from his or her subordinates.

If you must discuss them, share them with your peers or superiors.

Nothing kills morale, instills fear, or creates more fodder for gossip than the complaints of those above us. This is a particularly important lesson for new managers who are no longer on the same level as their former peers.

2) Bring 3 Solutions With Your Problem

People wrongly assume that being a leader means solving all of the organization’s problems. In fact, the…

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