The Best ‘Tips and Tricks’ for Starting a Zoom Meeting


The Best 'Tips and Tricks' for Starting a Zoom Meeting

How can you speak with high energy if it’s your sixth video conference of the day? Here are the best tips and tricks for starting a Zoom meeting.

“The show must go on.”

How many times have you heard those words? According to the Cambridge Idioms Dictionary, that’s a “phrase used to convey the idea that an event or activity must continue even if there are problems or difficulties, with or without regard to actual show business.”

Video conferences certainly aren’t show business. But if they matter to you professionally and to your company’s success (and they do) . . . well, the show must go on. No matter that you’ve been in front of your computer for hours and you barely have enough energy to sit up straight.

If you were in the theater, the stage manager would rap on the dressing room door right about…

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