Strategic Alignment: Creating a Path to High-Performance Teams


Strategic alignment meeting

by Mark Friedman

Management consultants often repeat a quote by Benjamin Franklin:  “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.”  In these days of a worldwide viral outbreak and the resulting chaotic and ambiguous business environment, this quote rings especially true.

The pandemic has certainly wreaked havoc on organizations and individuals and has created a huge amount of uncertainty.  Obviously, business leaders must look for ways to get back to work safely, while creating a sense of normalcy, and do it as quickly as possible!

Over the last six months many businesses, especially professional firms, have been innovative in using technology to transfer work from the office to home.  Yet there are benefits in being able to go to the workplace and to interact with colleagues and customers.  With no definite end date for the pandemic insight, planning, and figuring out how to maintain economic viability while…

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