Nix the negativity: 8 topics to avoid discussing with coworkers


Nix the negativity 8 topics to avoid discussing with coworkers

By Marie McIntyre

Career success involves managing the image that you present at work. To be viewed in a professional light, you must give some thought to the way you are perceived. Here are eight topics that you would be smart to avoid.

1. Using coworkers as therapists.

Even friendly colleagues get tired of listening to romantic troubles or the details of a nasty divorce. If your personal problems are broadcast over the office grapevine, it could have a negative effect on your future.

2. Dangerous flirting.

Some people do find love at the office, but a flirtation with your boss or married colleague is a surefire recipe for trouble. Ditto for quickie romantic encounters at the office party or on a business trip, because those partners will still be in a nearby cubicle on Monday. And if you’re a manager, flirty comments can get you charged with sexual harassment.

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